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Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin

Green Broadcasting Chat for Students Version - WhatsApp students

  • Categories :Moodle Systems, Blocks & Themes
  • ----------

Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin

Institution Version - WhatsApp system connection on Moodle™ Admin

  • Categories :Blocks & Themes
  • ----------

Video List Plugin For Vimeo &

Vimeo video page - Connect your Vimeo or server to Moodle™

  • Categories :Blocks & Themes, Pages
  • ----------

BOX for Moodle™ plugin Video page

Box video page - Connect your Vimeo or server to Moodle™

  • Categories :Blocks & Themes, Pages
  • ----------

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Welcome to skylms, a marketplace for future LMS and e-learning products. Skylms marketplace leads the e-learning world by having the most updated, advanced, and practical tools for e-learners and LMS owners worldwide. By joining our marketplace, you can present your work online and make urnings on your products.
Our marketplace offers features of various LMS platforms such as Moodle LMS, WordPress, open LMS, and more.
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