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5 Most powerful free LMS

May 17, 2021

The e-learning world is advancing rapidly and extensively. Every day more academic institutions realize that digital learning is a basic requirement and essential to their establishment. This article shows the five most popular free e-learning LMS (Learning Management Systems) for your online school:


The world’s biggest and most popular LMS Moodle system is a free, open-source platform. It provides a robust e-learning environment that gives Moodle users a flexible workspace. In addition, many options for activities, such as video and e-books, as well as forums and others, are offered.  Moodle provides its users with Moodle App for android and iSO. Read more about Moodle LMS.

Open Elms

Open Elm is the second-largest LMS system. It is an open-source platform with a Netflix design platform. It is straightforward to use and manage. Also, Open Elms emphasizes digital classroom design and unique user interface and experience.


Edmodo is all in one LMS. The platform has a modern design and various options for opening schools, creating courses, and enrolling students. All done quickly and simply. Strongly emphasizes user communication and study groups. The platform provides an advanced academic tool kit and advanced reports for teachers. It is primarily implemented in the USA schools.

WordPress LMS

WordPress, the most prominent open-source website platform, offers its users a special LMS plugin. It converts the WordPress platform to LMS. The plugin is based on Moodle LMS, allowing quality experience from WordPress sites with Moodle LMS data structure.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom has a workplace for educators that corresponds with the classroom. Advanced teaching options and broad integration with various apps elevate the user experience. Furthermore, great emphasis also focuses on user communication, setting classes quickly and easily.

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