January 24, 2022

With the acceleration of online learning due to social distancing, online learning management system solutions are experiencing tremendous growth. Moodle™ is one of the most popular free LMS out there. After all, Moodle™’s modular structure and an abundance of Moodle™ plugins & integrations available in the market open up an enormous scope of customization, enhancements, and automation to improve the learner’s experience. 

But, with almost two thousand plugins out there, the course creators got a new pain of choosing the right plugins that can help them to enhance their LMS courses. So, to help them, we’re here with this write-up that enlists the tried and tested 5 Best Moodle™ Plugins of 2022 that are helping course creators to improve the learning experience of their LMS. 

But before jumping in-depth the details of these top Moodle™ plugins, let’s have a quick review of them with the help of the following table – 

A Quick Overview Of 05 Best Moodle™ Plugins of 2022

WhatsApp  for Moodle™ Plugins – Institutions$1004.9/5
Edwiser Bridge Bundle WooCommerce Plugin$108 4.8/5
Vimeo for Moodle™ Plugin Integration$354.5/5
Edwiser Reports$594.9/5
Edwiser Forms Plugin$994.7/5

So, without further ado, let’s dig out the best Moodle™ Plugin that can …. 

1. WhatsApp for Moodle™ Plugins (Institutions)

We all know that WhatsApp has reached the educational sector. So, institutes around the globe also shifted their focus towards this big brand to manage effective communication between students & teachers.

Now that you are using Moodle™ LMS, there is no direct option for Moodle™ to connect with WhatsApp. But, using WhatsApp for Moodle™ Plugin (Institution), you can do this in fractions of seconds. It is a high-demand Moodle™ plugin that provides a perfect way to integrate your Moodle™ LMS with WhatsApp. 

With these top Moodle™ integration, you can effectively manage your communication with students within your LMS. There are many good reasons to use this easy & fast installing WhatsApp plugin for Moodle™. A few of them are – Unlimited bulk messaging, unlimited groups, a beautiful management panel, and many more. 

Furthermore, this plugin is fully compatible with all multiple browsers such as IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, & Chrome. Also, it supports the latest Moodle™ version. It’s also compatible with mobile, desktops, and tabs. The best part about this Moodle™ Plugin is its price and the full plugin support feature. Besides this, there are many other valuable features supported by it.

WhatsApp for Moodle Plugin (Institutions) - Best Moodle Plugins

  • No Restriction on Groups: With WhatsApp for Moodle™ Plugin (Institutions), unlimited – system admin can open & manage a group for every course. Also, you can create independent groups as well with no limit!
  • Unlimited Users: You can effortlessly add numberless students and teachers inside your Moodle™ LMS. This plugin helps you give a fully automated setup where all registered users are automatically connected to this plugin.
  • Bulk Massaging: With this plugin, you can send unlimited bulk messages to your students & teachers.
  • Auto Ope & Auto eAuto-open & Auto-add enroll students in groups
  • .Advanced Searching Option: Search users by course ID, departments, and categories.

To get this Moodle™ Chat Plugin, you need to pay only $100. You will get all its advanced features, future updates, full plugin support, and a user manual guide.

2. Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Plugin

Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Plugin is one of the top Moodle™ plugins. With it, you can effectively & securely manage payments & checkouts without worrying about payment restrictions on geographical location. This is because it supports a wide range of payment gateways regardless of the region or country you or your customers live in.

Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Plugin - Essential Moodle Plugins

Features – 

Apart from this, it also supports many other highly demanding features –

  • Multiple Payment Gateways: Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Plugin comes with 160 secure payment gateway support. So, it saves you from geographical location payment restrictions.
  • Integrate Moodle™ & WooCommerce: IT enables you to create a complete digital storefront of your courses in Moodle™ software, optimize your course pages, and quickly sell your courses on WordPress by integrating with WooCommerce. 
  • One-click Checkout: This WooCommerce integration plugin renders a supreme user experience storefront for your courses as it reduces the chances of cart abandonment via frictionless one-click checkout.  
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Compatible: This plugin helps you improve eLearning profits by selling your courses as subscriptions to courses and generating recurring revenue on every renewal.
  • WooCommerce Membership Compatible: Due to this feature, you can build a robust and loyal fan base with exclusive benefits, extraordinary prices, and discounts.

There are two plans available which are as follows –

  • Edwiser Bridge PRO: To get this plan, the user will be charged a total of $108 yearly. This plan comes with WooCommerce Integration, a test license,  1-hour Expert Consultation, and more.
  • Edwiser Bridge PRO + Setup: For this package, the buyer will pay $307 yearly, in which you will get installation and configuration of plugins on one WordPress and one Moodle™ Site by professionals.

3. Vimeo for Moodle™ Plugin Integration

Vimeo for Moodle™ plugin is an affordable Moodle™ plugin that gives Moodle™ administrators the option to provide video pages where the students can view their course videos. This complete integration of Vimeo & Moodle™ allows teachers to generate separate folders & video pages inside the Vimeo account for each course open inside the Moodle™ system. Therefore, the students won’t need a Vimeo account to watch these course videos. They will be able to see it immediately on the Moodle™ video page.

Vimeo and Moodle Integration Plugin

Features – 

Moreover, this Moodle™ and Vimeo Integration plugin supports a handful of features – 

  • Easily Integration: This Vimeo for Moodle™ Plugin helps you quickly connect Moodle™ to your Vimeo account promptly. 
  • Organized Setup: The theme opens course folders in your Vimeo account for each course available in your Moodle™ LMS.
  • Beautiful Page Layouts: This plugin comes with attractive styling that improves the user experience for your students. 
  • Access Control: Students don’t need a Vimeo account to learn from your Moodle™ LMS. The admin uploads course video to Vimeo and students can directly view them on Moodle™.
Pricing – 

To get the Vimeo for Moodle™ integration plugin, you will need to spend only $35. You will get all its advanced features, future updates, full plugin support, and a user manual guide.

4. Edwiser Reports Moodle™ Plugin

Edwiser Reports is one of the best visual reporting plugins for Moodle™ LMS. This plugin helps you to easily track your LMS, course, and student engagement directly inside their Moodle™ LMS. This enables you to design advanced-level reports using its robust platform.

The best part about this Moodle™ plugin is it supports multiple types of reporting formats based on roles. That means whether you are a manager, a teacher, or a student, it will let you create customized reports per your needs.  

Edwiser Reports - Top Moodle Plugin

Features –

Furthermore, it also supports more advanced features that are listed below –

  • Configurable Dashboards: Edwiser Reports gives a personalized drag-and-drop dashboard to see the most important information upfront. 
  • Custom Reports: With this best Moodle™ plugin, you can improve your e-learning insights by picking your parameters or metrics to track. Create one different format and schedule them via email to be sent to your inbox.
  • Grade(Score) Report: This feature helps you understand a student’s average score in a specific activity. With it, you can check the scores of any gradable activity on your platform.
  • Real-Time Users: It helps to keep track of online users, how long they’ve been active and when it’s safe to bring down your site under maintenance without affecting learning.
  • Email Notification: You are notified every time a Moodle™ report is created through email.
Pricing –  

There are two plans –

  • Edwiser Reports: This is a free plan using which you can try the basic features of this top Moodle™ plugin.
  • Edwiser Reports Pro: This premium plan costs $129. But, if you purchase this plugin right away, you can get it at $59 only under the offer. 

5. Edwiser Forms Plugin

Edwiser Form is a Moodle™ plugin that provides the simplest solution to add all kinds of forms in Moodle™ without code. It comes with seven ready-to-use form templates that can be used anywhere in Moodle™ software to create dynamic and intelligent forms in just a few clicks. Therefore, you can now set unlimited form types per your preferences without investing time in coding using existing templates. 

Using this plugin, you can create various types of forms such as registration form, enrollment form, contact form, feedback form, and many more. 

Besides this, it comes with features like spam protection, translation-ready, cross-browser compatibility, and more. 

Edwiser Reports - Best Moodle Plugins

Features – 
  • Instant Notifications: Edwiser Forms supports an email notification feature that informs you whenever any user fills a form. Due to this, data management comes very effortless as you can view and analyze all form data from one place. 
  • File Uploads: This feature allows users to upload a file type through the form. Your students can now attach images, videos, hyperlinked text, etc., as additional information to support or refine their submitted response. 
  • Conditional Logic: This plugin enables you to add intelligent conditional form fields that come up according to the user’s previous choices, giving them a personalized experience. 
  • Form Entry Management: Form entry management is more straightforward getresponses as all the form entries are consolidated in one place, with the option to download the details with a few simple clicks.
  • Add Form as an Activity: This Moodle™ plugin enables you to add a custom feedback form as part of a course, which helps get the correct information at the right place.
Pricing – 

This Moodle™ plugin comes offers two plans – 

  • Edwiser Forms: This plan is a free plan that comes with features like easy embedding, spam protection, translation ready, and more.
  • Edwiser Forms Pro: A premium plan costs $99 per year. This plan will offer advanced features like branding and personalization, adding form as an activity, file uploads, and more.


Now that you have come up here. So, at this point must know the best Moodle™ plugins of 2022.

With these Moodle™ plugins, course providers can integrate their online LMS with various top-class third-party services to enhance their students’ learning experience. Besides this, the best thing about all these top Moodle™ plugins is they all come at a very reasonable cost.

Hence, we highly recommend getting these services to match the next-gen educational sphere experience.

We hope this article is helpful to yo. For any queries & suggestions, just drop a comment below & we’ll reach out to you soon!

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