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July 17, 2021

Moodle™ plugins for your LMS – all free…

Moodle™, one of the most popular LMS, has some advanced Moodle™ plugins. This article presents some of the best free Moodle™ plugins for your LMS that can make your student’s and teacher’s environment more productive and user-friendly.

This is our Sky favorites Moodle™ free academic tools.

  • Moodle™ Attendance report – this plugin allows the option to plan, conduct and review attendance reports. The Moodle™ plugin has excellent features like a QR check and more. And also you can check this plugin as well.
  • Moodle™ Custom certificate – this Moodle™ plugin allows the admin to set a digital certificate for students. Admin can upload certificate images, set dynamic user information, and more. Find more certificate plugins for Moodle™: my certificate, workplace certificate,
  • Moodle™ secure PDF – publish PDF files to your students without a download option. See also this plugin.
  • Moodle™ Accessibility plugin – an essential free plugin for accessibility. Although this plugin does not give the full extent of digital accessibility, It’s an excellent place to start. You can also check this plugin.
  • Moodle™ Boards plugin – interactive posts board on the course students can post comments and communicate with their course friends and teachers.
  • Microsoft 365 integration Moodle™ plugin – an extensive Microsoft integration for Microsoft teams, OneNote, Teams meeting, office, and more.

Moodle™ plugins are free for use on

This list of plugins and many more you can find on the plugins directory

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