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June 19, 2020

We are happy to present our new Moodle™ plugins WhatsApp API -Institution Version. This article gives you the top 10 reasons to use our plugin.

I think communicating with your students using WhatsApp is essential. Not only ordinary users have this communication platform but also teachers and other staff. The Moodle™ plugins WhatsApp API – institution Version gives more than just regular WhatsApp web options.

Moodle™ plugins WhatsApp API – Institution Version, why do you, as Moodle™ system owner, need to get it? We bring you ten excellent reasons why you need to have this plugin in your Moodle™ system.

Expended search of users and groups

Today, with WhatsApp web, you need to open a new WhatsApp group and invite your students to join. Given that, you must insert all your student’s details into your phone contact list or send them an “invite” by mail.

With the WhatsApp Moodle™ plugin, once you open a new course, you can also open it as a WhatsApp group. You can easily set that all enrolled users will be automatically added to this new group, including the teachers and other course members.

Expended search of users and groups

If you don’t have all your students as contracts on your phone and you like to connect one of your students, it is not possible. First, you need to find the student’s phone number and insert it into your phone…. 

With the Moodle™ plugin WhatsApp API, all your enrolled students are automatically there. Also, you can find students easily by filtering the student list by category or course ID. You can search for a student by name or email. Due to this, it is effortless to find and communicate. It makes it very easy to find and use.

Opening new custom gruops

It is so easy to create a group of your Moodle™ users. You just set up a group of users in Moodle™, and the WhatsApp group will be immediately made. No need to choose the users or invite them. 

More massage options

With the WhatsApp for Moodle™ plugins system, you can send a message simultaneously to multiple users or course groups. You don’t need to copy and paste or forward the message to other groups or users. Now you choose the users and send one message to all of them. 

For our premium accounts, we offer many new and improved message options such as repeated massages, saving massages and settings to be automatically sent on a specific date, and more. 

Customers service benefits 

Unfortunately, today, WhatsApp allows users to use the WhatsApp web platform only from one pc or phone at a time. However, with our plugin, many users can log in and use the system simultaneously. That way, the customer service department can communicate effectively and efficiently with multiple users simultaneously. 

Conversation backup

No more phone storage space running out. WhatsApp for Moodle™ plugins saves all your messages and allows you to document all your user’s correspondence. Above all, the Plugin saves all your content on your Moodle™ server and grabs you easy access. 

Independent panel 

Our plugin works on mobile phones. Therefore, changing the account phone number is easy. You do not need to transfer WhatsApp data between devices. Just insert your new phone number, and you are good to go!

Invite link in the course page

It is not necessary to send your Moodle™ user groups an invitation. In fact, on the course page, you can add a button with a new block of WhatsApp groups. A user who clicks the button will be directed to his course WhatsApp group. 

Get reports

For our premium accounts, the Moodle™ plugin also gives you essential reports regarding WhatsApp plugin usage. You can have a log and statistics on your WhatsApp usage. 

Plug and play

We designed our plugin to be very easy to install on your system. Sign in to our site, purchase and download the plugin and follow the user institution guide that comes with it. After installing, set your system as you like and start using WhatsApp to communicate with your users.       

This article was written by Cerapoda Digital.  We welcome you to our site.

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