Moodle LMS

What is Moodle™ LMS

June 13, 2021

Moodle™ LMS (Learning management systems) is an optimum way to deliver education and corporate training. Management systems are online academic environments or platforms where teachers and students can collaborate to pass knowledge. The LMS provides digital tools for improving student achievement. It allows us to curate and share knowledge, communicate, collaborate faster, track progress, give […]

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e-learning LMS

5 Most powerful free e-learning LMS

May 17, 2021

The e-learning world is advancing rapidly and extensively. Every day more academic institutions realize that digital learning is a basic requirement and essential to their establishment. This article shows the five most popular free e-learning LMS (Learning Management Systems) for your online school: Moodle The world’s biggest and most popular LMS Moodle system is a […]

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WhatsApp for Moodle™ plugins – Student v.

May 16, 2021

Students around the world are using their Moodle™ system every day. They spend hours learning from various media activities like video lessons and slideshows. Also, quizzes as well as exams, forums, and others. WhatsApp for Moodle™ plugins gives them the option to have easy, fast, and effective communication with their teachers. They are communicating while […]

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Moodle™ & WhatsApp API – Institution Version

June 19, 2020

We are happy to present our new Moodle™ plugins WhatsApp API -Institution Version. This article gives you the top 10 reasons to use our plugin. I think communicating with your students using WhatsApp is essential. Not only ordinary users have this communication platform but also teachers and other staff. The Moodle™ plugins WhatsApp API – […]

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Zoom for Moodle™ plugins – extended

May 20, 2020

Moodle™ cooperation deceleration fantastic Zoom for Moodle™ plugins. With this plugin, you can create meetings, set meeting preferences, and assignee meeting hosts. All in the Zoom for Moodle™ plugins. And all for free use. The Zoom for Moodle™ plugins is now upgraded! Our plugin gives you the option to set up a recording page. Your […]

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