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June 26, 2021

New Theme connects your Vimeo account to a beautiful and sophisticated Moodle™ video page.

Moodle™ users know that creating a video page can take lots of time. After editing the videos, Moodle™ users need to create a storage folder in Vimeo, move the videos into it, copy the video URL and move to the Moodle™ system. Once the user logs in to Moodle™ and is directed into the correct course, he needs to open the relevant video activity, set it up with a name, link the video, and other settings.

Many institutions and schools need to follow this process daily, especially today when zoom activities and digital meetings become a part of the student’s daily routine.

Vimeo for Moodle™ video page theme can save you time and effort creating and managing your Moodle™ recordings. 

When the Vimeo for Moodle™ theme is installed, for every new course that the Moodle™ user opens, a new folder with the course ID is opened within the connected Vimeo account. The user gets from the theme a link to the related video page. Once the user uploads his video to the Vimeo folder, all these students can see the video on the theme page.

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