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May 16, 2021

New Theme connects your Vimeo account to a beautiful and sophisticated Moodle™ video page.

Students around the world are using their Moodle™ system every day. They spend hours learning from various media activities like video lessons and slideshows. Also, quizzes as well as exams, forums, and others. WhatsApp for Moodle™ plugins gives them the option to have easy, fast, and effective communication with their teachers. They are communicating while participating in the activity within the Moodle™ system.   

WhatsApp for Moodle™ plugins set a WhatsApp icon on every page of the Moodle™ pages. That includes course pages, activity pages, and more.

When a student asks his teacher a question, he can click on the WhatsApp icon. Every contact with the teacher can be made by clicking on the WhatsApp for Moodle™ icon. Clicking will allow him to choose his teacher and start a conversation. Users are chatting nicely and quickly. The teacher will get a message to his mobile via WhatsApp and can assist immediately.

Students’ teachers list

Students can choose the teacher they like to open a chat with only from the courses the student is registered to. Registering a student to a course in Moodle™ LMS opens many options. Such an option is to contact his teacher on WhatsApp for Moodle™.

WhatsApp Chet options

Students can communicate in the chat box precisely as they do on WhatsApp. They can use emojis or share files, record audio and camera videos, and other features. 

An important new feature on WhatsApp for Moodle™ is the option to send the student’s location. When a student wants to discuss his course, he can send his location on WhatsApp chat. In this case, the teacher understands the specific location. Then he can log into the particular given location and assist.  

Another powerful tool we provide is the screen recorder option. When a student needs assistance from his teacher, he can screen record the Moodle™ page. Then send the teacher a short video showing his teacher the exact problem.

WhatsApp for Moodle™ – The student version is now available on the SlyLms shop. Purchase the plugin today and give your students the WhatsApp way to communicate.  

Is This amazing plugin interesting to you? We have a new and complete WhatsApp system for institution panels where you can have full WhatsApp communication between teachers and students in open groups. Send bulk massages and much more – find out now!

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