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Build a loyal base of users that bank on you and keep coming back to you. You can now sell more courses by offering course bundles and earn even better. Provide discounts to your users when they purchase multiple courses from your course library – A surefire way to increase your earning potential as well as user satisfaction

Easy enrollment of multiple students

Register multiple students to a course purchased in bulk using a CSV file, saving you the time and effort of having to enter student information one at a time and reducing the chances of an error.

Notification through email for enrollment, un-enrollment, refunds

Tracking the status of your users has never been so easy and convenient. The user management is even more simplified with email notifications for quick activity updates, be it enrollment, un-enrollment, or refunds. The best part is, these notifications are fully customizable

Buy multiple course copies

Admin or Teachers can now buy multiple copies of a single course for your entire class of students in a single purchase.

Translation ready

You can have your course e-store into any language of your choice. Expanding your reach by targeting specific linguistic groups or nationalities is much easier now.

WooCommerce Compatibility

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase is fully compatible with one of the best e-commerce platform – WooCommerce.You can keep a track of how many enrollees are active and for how much duration each of them is studying the course. This way, you can efficiently control access to your course by enrollees and make sure that it does not exceed the subscribed duration. Save time and effort which could have otherwise been spent on manual addition and removal of subscribers from a course.

Sell Courses as Products

Create a complete digital storefront of your courses, optimize your course pages, and easily sell your courses on WordPress by integrating WooCommerce. Sell individual courses, or a bundle, without the hassle of investing in other extensions, through an ecommerce store that seamlessly integrates with your in Moodle™ software LMS.

One click Checkout

Slow and steady wins nothing! WooCommerce integration offers a quick and simple way for your users to instantly enroll in and purchase courses. Get ready for supreme user experience with reduced chances of cart abandonment via frictionless one-click checkoutSelectively synchronizes Moodle™ software courses over to WordPress
Save time by choosing to sync only updated courses, course categories and users.

Selectively synchronizes Moodle™ software courses over to WordPress

Save time by choosing to sync only updated courses, course categories and users.

Selective synchronize categories

Similar to synchronizing individual courses, you can filter courses based on course categories and synchronize all courses for a particular category at once.

Syncs the enrollment data of pre-existing Moodle™ software users and updates in WordPress

Streamline your course administration by selectively opting for a specific number of users and sync them to update their statuses. The accounts will be linked to WordPress and the course enrollment status will be updated automatically.

Simultaneously Login/Logout

Whether you log in or log out from Moodle™ software or WordPress, the other ecosystem will follow whatever you do. It simultaneously logs you in or logs you out. Do away with login hassles as you can provide your learners with the same set of login credentials for Moodle™ software as well as WordPress. This saves time that otherwise could possibly be spent on seeking password-related support or hopping between Moodle™ software and WordPress with separate passwords

Social Login

You essentially cut down on the tedious process of creating an account every time, to increase sign-ups, eliminate the need to remember passwords and improve overall UX. So, instead of using an email id for authenticating and creating user credentials, your users can directly log in using FB and/or Google IDs


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