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Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin (Institutions) For Moodle™

Moodle™ Communication with WhatsApp Chat Plugin – Institution Version

Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin is an extensive Moodle™ chat plugin for integrating Moodle™ and WhatsApp Chat. This plugin allows Moodle™-powered LMS administration & teachers to connect with their students via WhatsApp Chat anytime with the same easy-to-handle, personalized, rich-media experience they get inside WhatsApp.

The best feature of,”      this plugin is it gives UNLIMITED USERS, GROUPS, MESSAGES, COURSES, AND CATEGORIES. 

With this Moodle™ Chat Plugin, teachers now don’t need to log in & access their Moodle™ LMS every time to perform day-to-day repetitive actions. These actions include adding, removing, updating, or managing things regarding their students, courses, categories, and groups. 

Check Out The Front Panel View –


The following list shows a few of the innovations of this Moodle™ Chat Plugin:

  • API Integration –

    The Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin comes with its API account. So, to connect you to WhatsApp, it uses its API to integrate with WhatsApp API to establish communication in chat messages to offer chat for all the clients. 

  • Use Your Number Or Get A New One From Us –

    To connect WhatsApp with Moodle™, we link numbers and provide that numbers to the clients. Besides this, if clients like to use their phone numbers, we also allow that.

  • Automate Everything  –

    Can you automate the minor actions that require logging LMS every time and control your LMS directly from your WhatsApp?

    • Students/Contacts – With Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin, you can add, remove, or update students’ details directly from WhatsApp. You don’t need to worry about updating the same things inside Moodle™ LMS. The exact information will also automatically get reflected inside your Moodle™ LMS.
    • Groups/Courses – If you want to create, delete, or update group/course details or even the members, you can do that directly from your WhatsApp. Again, all the changes will get reflected automatically inside your Moodle™ LMS.
  • Broadcast Messages – 

    This Moodle™ chat plugin allows you to send messages or media to several contacts simultaneously. The broadcast message will appear to be an individual message from you. To send broadcast messages, you need to select contacts, categories, or courses/groups from the list.

  • Unlimited Groups & Members –

    Teachers can create unlimited groups that too directly from WhatsApp. You don’t need to log in again & again to create or manage course groups. Further, you can have the same number of students in any of your Moodle™ LMS course groups. Now, if you have a course group with more than 256 users in your Moodle™ LMS, you can have multiple groups for that course with non-redundant student entries. To maintain the sync between groups, you must set the course ID for the different groups. 

  • File Upload –

    The Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin supports all the file sizes & formats supported by WhatsApp.

  • Notifications –

    Set course notifications to be sent on WhatsApp

  • Auto-add Enrolled Students –

    If you add students in Moodle™ LMS, it will auto-add to your WhatsApp course group.

  • Old Group Management –

    With this Moodle™ chat plugin, teachers can import their old groups into their new WhatsApp & Moodle™ LMS & re-use those groups. To do this, they must pass the group URL in the Join URL field in the Setting panel.

  • Multiple Selection Options –

    Multiple groups and user selection by course or category

  • Extensive Emoji Set –

    All WhatsApp web options with many emoji packs

  • Easy & Fast Installation –

    Green  Broadcasting Chat plugin has an easy and fast installation


So, with the new Green Broadcasting Chat plugins, you can manage your communication with your students. This plugin uses the API integration technique. The plugin comes with its own API account, connecting it with WhatsApp API. 

Once both API gets connected, we need to connect the admin mobile number from which messages will be sent.
Usually, we provide a number to clients. But, if the clients like to use their phone number and WhatsApp API, they have to pay some additional amount.

Pricing Plans –

Our Green Broadcasting Chat for institutions plugin cost is based on the number of accounts your institution needs. It has the following three pricing plans –

  • Regular – To get this plan, you need to pay $100/month.
  • In addition, you can expand our plugin to the Premium version and get also:
    • Moodle™ course notification to be connected to WhatsApp.
    • Connection to your phone number (with QR scan code).
    • Full plugin support and help installing the plugin

If you like to see our Student communication widget for Moodle™? Check this link

Also, if you need help installing this Moodle™ Chat plugin? Check this user guide we have made for you.


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