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Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin (Student) For Moodle


Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin (Student Version) is an affordable Moodle chat plugin for students that integrates Moodle™ and WhatsApp Chat. With it, the students are allowed to easy communication with teachers, administration, and system admin. Students can ask academic questions and can show teachers where they need help by using the location option and many more effective tools. So, if you want to eliminate the communication gap between your students & teachers just to improve the learning curve. Then, you must try this plugin.

Now, students don’t need to log in to their Moodle LMS account every time just to contact their teachers. They can easily connect with their teachers directly through their personal WhatsApp & clear their doubts anytime. 

The best part about this Moodle Chat Plugin is it comes with some advanced features like Screen Sharing, WhatsApp Button over each page, and Audio Recording. Also, the platform is so easy as it has the same rich-media interface as WhatsApp.  


Features Of Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin (Student Version)

The Moodle Chat plugin comes with lots of new and unique features. The following list shows a few of the innovations:

  • Teacher List –

    Now, students don’t need to log in to their Moodle LMS courses every time to connect with their teachers. With this plugin, you will have your all teachers listed in your WhatsApp Chat. You can connect & send bulk or one-to-one messages to teachers.

  • File Transfer –

    Students can now send any type of file to their teachers. Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin supports file types such as text, images, videos, pdfs, etc.

  • Easily Jump To WhatsApp –

    The students can easily jump from Moodle LMS to WhatsApp or vice-versa. For this, you got a WhatsApp hovering button on every page of your courses.

  • Show The Progress –

    Now, the students can share their progress in the course with their teachers. Just take screenshots of your course pages & show teachers your location.

  • Advance Doubt Clearing Options –

    With this feature, the students can create short videos of the section where they got stuck or have some doubts. And, send these small clips to their teachers. Due to this feature, now students can easily show the exact location where they find difficulties.

  • Advance Emoji Packs –

    This Chat Plugin for Moodle LMS comes with an advanced set of emojis to improve the chat experience.


To access this plugin, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First of all, you need to purchase the plugins from MoodLMS Marketplace Shop.
  2. Then, you will get a license key for which you need to create your email id.
  3. Henceforth, simply go to your Moodle-powered LMS site and install the purchased plugin there.
  4. That’s it! You are good to go to use the plugin.


  • Regular Plan –

    To get the Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin (Student Version) for Moodle, you need to pay $99 per month. Further, you will be charged based on the number of Moodle™ system users you need. Every user account adds 3,000 more users to the overall communication. For example, a faculty with 9,000 system users (students, teachers & administration staff), will need to have 3 accounts to include all its users in the WhatsApp for Moodle™ platform.
    Besides this, you can stop your subscription at any time.

  • Premium Plan –

    If you like to have a yearly subscription at a monthly lower cost, you need to contact us to get our premium plans details at

Upcoming updates for Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin –

Moodle™ admin is a part of every conversation and with our coming upgrade system, the admin will be able to issue reports of the teacher’s response time.

With the new update, we will bring more communication options.  WhatsApp plugin is not only for students but can also be used for customer service for visitors and potential students.

If you like to know about our extensive Green Broadcasting Chat plugin, institution version we invite you to check it at the following link.

We hope you enjoy it.

Further, if you like to have our full Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin for institutions, check this out.

Also, if you need help in installing this Moodle™ Chat plugin? check this user guide we have made for you.

In case, you like our work or want to share some suggestions, please feel to comment below or you can directly contact us.


  1. Tami Borg

    this is some plugin – the screen recorder is so nice!!

  2. ‪Ron Magal

    saved us a lot of work time for our admins communicating with our users

  3. Noor Sabida

    got good feedback from students!! recommended!

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