Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin (Student) For Moodle
Green Broadcasting Chat for Students Version - WhatsApp students connection

Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin (Institutions) For Moodle™
Institution Version - WhatsApp system connection on Moodle™ Admin panel

Video List Plugin For Vimeo & Moodle Integration
Vimeo video page - Connect your Vimeo or server to Moodle™

WooCommerce Integration
Sell LMS Courses in Moodle™ via 160+ Payment Gateways with WooCommerce

URBAN alternate LMS login
Urban is an alternate LMS login for Moodle™ platforms.

Single Sign-On
Moodle™ software WordPress Single Sign-On for stress-free login Unlock

File Upload – Moodle™ User Profiles
create custom profile fields to allow users to upload their resume,

Bulk Purchase
Sell multiple course copies in Moodle™ software all at once like a PRO!

Moodle™ Site Policy Manager
Moodle™ Site Manager is a local Moodle™ plugin to create/edit a site

Selective Sychronisation
PICK and CHOOSE the courses to synchronize from Moodle™ software to