Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin (Student) For Moodle
Green Broadcasting Chat for Students Version - WhatsApp students connection

Green Broadcasting Chat Plugin (Institutions) For Moodle™
Institution Version - WhatsApp system connection on Moodle™ Admin panel

Video List Plugin For Vimeo & Moodle Integration
Vimeo video page - Connect your Vimeo or server to Moodle™

Moodle™ Site Policy Manager
Moodle™ Site Manager is a local Moodle™ plugin to create/edit a site

Selective Sychronisation
PICK and CHOOSE the courses to synchronize from Moodle™ software to

Course-Complex – Course Marketplace Moodle™ Plugin
It provides all the features and user experience of any standard marketplace

Edwiser All Access Pass
Get the following plugins with the Edwiser All Access Pass     The

Edwiser Forms Plugin
Effortlessly create high-converting forms without any code

Edwiser Course Format
The Learning Experience of your Users is largely influence from the

Edwiser Bridge Bundle
Break out of the whole user management bubble and control the entire course