December 22, 2021

Welcome to our marketplace. this document is describing the terms of use and defines the relations between sign site users (sign users and/or users and/or buyers & vendors) and (the site).

once users are approved by the site this policy and privacy policy (site policy docs) of the site will be applicable and define the relations between the user and site. by applying for registration to the site you agree to the site policy terms.


In this signed user policy (policy):

  • site means platform.
  • admin means site administration that set and manufacture site regulations and terms.
  • user means a person how signs up to the site as
    • a buyer how buys products on the site and/or
    • A vendor publishes his/her products on the site if it’s to gain profit or not.
  • Visitor – a non sighed user that visits the site.
  • Products mean codes, plugins, themes, services, and all other approved features, available for sale, and that are allowed by the admin. The site admin is allowed to add or remove product types from the above list.
  • This policy refers to “we” and/or “us” means site admin and reference of “you” and or “your” means a user.


Visitors that apply for free registration to the site must:

  • agree to the following terms.
  • be above 18 years old

Site admin can refuse requests for registration by a visitor to become a user without the obligation to explain and/or give a reason for its refusal. moreover, the admin can remove users from the site after registration at any time and without specifying the reason for removal.

once registration is approved the user account will be activated. logging in to the account is done by a username and password (credentials). keeping user credentials confidential is on user’s responsibility.

suspension and termination of registered users will deny you from your user account and can be caused by a breach of the site policies and/or a failure of user authentication and/or legal liabilities. the user that was suspended or terminated from the site can file a one-time request for a re-subscription. admin decision on the user request will be final and without the need for any explanation or reason for declining the user request.

Users benefit’s and prohibited conduct

site users can conduct the following actions:

  • create a user profile on the site
  • buy products from site vendors
  • become a vendor and sell products
  • contact site users’ support

The site is usually available 24/7 for all users and visitors. from time to time admin will send or publish notes for site access limitation or a full shutdown in the case of technical needs for maintenance. the site will not be liable for any data loss or any loss that you may suffer as a result of technical issues of any kind.

by registering to the site your personal information will be used by the site under the privacy policy agreement.

site users are prohibited from conducting the following actions:

  • use false user information like an email and/or brand and/or any personal information that is a third party asset.
  • advertise products and/or services and/or content of any kind that is not your own for commercial and/or noncommercial purposes.
  • engaging in automatic means of data collecting including “spidering”, database scraping”, email harvesting” contact and/or personal information collecting, through the site.
  • attempt to obtain access to materials or information that are unauthorized by the site.
  • to damage, disable, and overburden the system, affect device propper site function, and any harmful use by servers request, viruses, bombs, worms, and any other computer routine actions.
  • use the system in any illegal way and/or violate the use of any applicable law.
  • use the system for any prime purpose that conflicts and/or not complies with site purposes.

if you have any questions about expectable use of the site you can contact our support team.

if you like to link the site from another website, you must link to the full HTML website page. users and visitors are prohibited from using site elements like images, videos, and other media.

the site is not responsible for third-party links to the site that were uploaded by the admin or any user. privacy content and any other regulation that states in third party sites are not applicable to this site and terms of use of third-party sites are not applicable to this site. you need to check third-party sites’ terms and privacy policies.

buyers of the site

site users can buy products offered by the different vendors on the site. terms of use in this article are applicable to the terms of use of the site planform and not its products. The buyer can find the product terms of use in the product’s license set by the vendors.

buying products on the site are with the following terms:

  • after the order has been summited it can not be canceled. if a product is with the nature of a relationship between a buyer and a vendor like subscriptions, services, and/or any other binding relationships, the terms of cancelation will be stated in the service or product licensee and can be canceled under its terms of cancelation.
  • according to your product license, after purchase, you will receive a nonexclusive right to use the product that you purchased.
  • product ownership remains with the site vendor.
  • vendors are prohibited from buying their own products.

there are no refunds for site products. if you like to make a claim for a refund you can contact the site admin and get a reply within 72 hours from your claim. admin can decide regarding your refund application if to comply with your request or not. site reserve the right to reject your request for any reason at any time.

if the site admin agrees to refund you, payment will be made only to your PayPal account. it is the buyer’s responsibility to supply the account information for a refund.

vendors of the site

vendors terms of sale and use of the site are stated in the vendor’s terms of sale policy.


all right confirmed by Israeli law. a conflict between terms of use and the binding law of the Israeli state will be summited as the law dictate.

site admin can change the terms of use of the site at any time without any notes to its users. if any change will be made in the terms of use for this site. it is the user’s responsibility to check for changes in the terms of use statement. The site admin will publish a notification in the site blog if any change is made to this policy.

any notes given to the users by the admin will be sent to the user’s email and/or will be posted in the personal user area account.

The laws of the Israeli state govern these Terms of use. Each of the Member’s terms and conditions and the Member irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Israel.